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Best 5 Career Options after CBSE Class 12th

by PW Gulf
September 8, 2023

Career options after class 12th: Students frequently have to make the difficult choice of selecting a career option after class 12th that fits with their interests and objectives after completing their class 12th. This phase of life compels students to make tough choices regarding career option after class 12th which alings with their passions, knowledge and create a prosperous future. 

It may be difficult to decide among the many possibilities offered. However, there are a number of career option after class 12th that provide development, job security, and income. Here, look at Best 5 Career Options after class 12th.

When making this critical choice of career option after 12th class, it's necessary for students to take their interests, strengths, and long-term objectives into account.

Making an informed decision can be aided by researching several disciplines, speaking with experts in the target industry, and consulting career counsellors. Finding personal interests and professional success ultimately comes down to picking a career option after 12th class that fits one's interest and skills.

Engineering and medical

Students who have a significant interest in math and science frequently choose engineering as a career option after class 12th. Students who are fascinated by the functioning of human body often choose medicine.

Career option in Engineering offers range of specialization in the fields of mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, and aerospace, among others. Similarly career options in medical branch offer possibilities to work on creative operations, improve your knowledge, and progress in biology. Engineering and medical are lucrative career choices due to the quick development of industries and need for doctors.

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For students of humanities background it is a good career option for students, a profession in law offers a variety of opportunities. Lawyers have the option of working in private practice by joining law firms of various sizes, where they handle a range of cases for private clients as well as businesses. 

They can also serve as in-house lawyer for businesses, governmental bodies, charitable causes, or academic institutions. Some lawyers opt to practice public interest law, helping underprivileged groups or fighting for social justice.

Finance and business

Finance and business offer exciting and diverse career opportunities for commerce students. These fields offer a wide range of roles, from financial analysis and investment banking to entrepreneurship and corporate management. 

Pursuing a career in finance and business requires a solid understanding of economic principles, strong analytical skills, and a good business awareness.

Career Options After Taking Science

Students have a wide range of professional alternatives to consider after opting the science stream in class 12th. Career option after class 12th are as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Medical and health care
  • Architecture
  • Pure science 
  • Computer science and information technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Aviation 
  • Forensic science 
  • Defence and armed forces
  • Entrepreneurship


Students who have a good background in math and physics can choose career option in engineering including mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, computer science, and aerospace engineering. 

Engineering exams vary across different countries and regions. Some notable examples include the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics and Physics, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Exam) in UAE.

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Choosing career option in engineering helps students to work on projects, create novel technology, and develop a variety of industries. It is a profession that provides opportunities for both creativity and problem-solving.


Medicine as a career option for those who are passionate about helping people and have a strong interest in healthcare is a good choice. Although being a doctor requires extensive education and training, it also provides the opportunity to have a huge positive impact on people's lives. 

There are many specialisations available to medical professionals, including general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, and others. Some well-known medical exams include the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the United States, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET Exam) in India.

A connected field that combine biology, chemistry, and technology is called biotechnology. It consist of developing and creating new items or processes by utilising living things or their systems. 

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Opportunities exist for a career in biotechnology in industries like pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, genetics, bioinformatics, and environmental research. It is a fast expanding field with tremendous room for advancement. 


Science students with a creative and design-focused mindset should think about a career in architecture as a Career option after class 12th. Architecture combines learnings of science, art, and engineering to create structures that are both useful and beautiful. 

Buildings and places are planned, designed, and constructed by architects. It is a profession that calls for a fusion of technical awareness, creative vision, and analytical ability.

Career Options After Taking Commerce

There are many Career option after class 12th in the areas of business, finance, accounting, and economics if you choose the commerce path in class 12th. 

Students studying business have knowledge of management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance. For those students who chose commerce throughout their higher secondary education, Best 5 Career Options after class 12th are as follows:

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

In the fields of finance and accounting, chartered accounting is a highly sought-after profession. One can work as a Chartered Accountant in professions including auditing, taxation, financial management, and consulting. CA specialists are essential for guaranteeing financial compliance, offering corporate advice, and examining financial data.

Business Administration

Earning a business administration degree, often known as a BBA or BBS, can lead to a variety of opportunities. opportunities for employment in business. 

Marketing, human resources, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship are just a few specialisation options available to students. People with a business administration degree have experience to manage organisations successfully, make strategic decisions, and manage teams.

Finance and Investment

Commerce students may consider professions in finance and investment, which consist managing and allocating money in order to meet financial objectives. 

Investment banking, financial analysis, wealth management, stockbroking, and risk management are best career option after class 12th . Finance and investment experts are essential for giving clients advice, analysing market trends, and making wise investment decisions.

Company Secretary (CS)

The job of a company secretary (CS) entails making sure that business laws and regulations are followed. CS specialists manage legal issues, aid in the smooth operation of businesses, and offer knowledgeable counsel on business governance. They are essential to preserving organisations' integrity, transparency, and obedience to the law.

Economics and Research: 

Students from commerce stream had the option of pursuing economics and research, where they would perform economic studies, analyse market patterns, and offer insight into monetary policy. 

Opportunities in this industry are available in areas like financial consulting, economic research, data analysis, and policy-making. The decision-making processes of governmental organisations, think tanks, financial institutions, and research organisations benefit from the expertise of economists and researchers.

Career Options After Taking Humanities

Students who choose to major in the humanities in their senior year have a wide selection of career option after class 12th with communication, creativity, and an understanding of human behaviour.

Students of humanities acquire knowledge in a variety of subjects, including literature, history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and more. Following are five popular employment paths for students who chose to major in the humanities in higher education:


Humanities students interested in writing, narrative, and excellent communication may want to think about journalism or mass communication as a Career option after class 12th.

Opportunities in print, broadcast, and digital media are available in this field. Information must be gathered and distributed to the public, and journalists, news anchors, reporters, editors, and content developers are essential in this process. By conducting interviews, reporting on events, and producing interesting content, they help to influence public opinion.


A career in psychology is an option for students who are interested in learning more about human behaviour, emotions, and mental processes. Clinical psychology, counselling psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and educational psychology are just a few of the many specialisations available in this discipline. 

Hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, research organisations, and human resource offices are just a few of the places where psychologists work. They aid in enhancing mental health by doing psychological tests and offering counselling.

Civil services

Humanities students who are passionate about having a good influence on society might choose civil services as a career option after class 12th . To address social challenges, offer support, and promote social justice, social workers work with individuals, families, and communities. 

They may work in fields like community development, mental health, child welfare, healthcare, and policy advocacy. Social work entails dealing directly with people, determining their needs, offering resources, and promoting constructive change.

Fashion designing:

A career in fashion designing offers an exciting and creative pathway as a career option after class 12th in the humanities stream. Fashion designing involves creating unique and innovative clothing, accessories, and footwear designs, and it requires a blend of artistic mindset, fashion sense, and technical skills. Here are some key aspects of pursuing a career in fashion designing:

Fine arts and design: 

Humanities majors with a love of the visual arts and design can consider employment in advertising, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, or fine arts. 

Opportunities for creativity, originality, and aesthetic discovery are provided by these fields. Professionals in the fine arts and design contribute to the development of artistic concepts, the design of places, and delivering messages via visual means.

Career Options after class 12th: FAQs

Q1. What post-secondary professional programmes are available?

Ans. After graduating from high school, many people choose to pursue professional fields such as architecture, computer science, journalism, mass communication, fashion design, web design, graphic design, data entry, interior design, pharmacy, etc. 

Q2. What pure scientific courses can students choose during their BSc?

Ans. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Botany, and Zoology are among the pure science subjects that are popular among science students pursuing a BSc. 

Q3. What can I do to earn a good wage after the 12th?

Ans. Business, piloting, and information technology are a handful of the highest-paying professions.

Q4. After the 12th, which field is the best?

Ans. Following high school, engineering, computer science, and medicine are some of the top fields to study.

Q5. What are the career options available in the medical field after Class 12th?

Ans. The medical field offers various career options after Class 12th for students interested in healthcare. Some popular choices include becoming a doctor, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, or optometrist, among others. These professions require extensive education, training, and a strong passion for helping others. Also, candidates are required to clear NEET Exam to pursue a career in medicine.

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